Grow Your Business

Gradian instantly analyzes in store activity helping businesses to immediately improve performance.

More than a Counter

Gradian uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data algorithms to discover actionable insights for your business.

Powerful enough for anyone

From home-based firm to worldwide brands, Gradian serves small and big businesses.

GradianAnalytics® empowers you to improve business performance by understanding your audience.

Optimize your entire business, discover behaviour trends and anticipate activity by understanding and targeting your visitors. Can you imagine an e-commerce without analytics?

Increase Sales.

Gradian instantly analyzes in & out store activity to deliver acctionable insights that help you to immediately improve performance.

Save Costs.

Optimize your store anticipating the impact it will have on your business performance.

Save Time.

Because your job is not to add data to an Excel. Focus on what you do best: making your store run the best it can.

Discover your Business Potential.

Know how many opportunities your business is missing and boost your sales with a proper target segmentation.

Analytics software

Store analytics real time

Make better decisions.

Gradian lets you run your multichannel business centralizing audience, visitors, and customers activity. Discover behaviour insights and improve your decision making process. Try, validate, and improve.

Increase Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a journey, and it can always be improved. Understand what your customers care about and how well you are meeting their expectations.

Validate Campaigns.

Invest only what is necessary for each campaign, understanding what works and which channels are the best for a higher performance.

In Real Time.

Improve your response capability knowing immediately what impact your actions have on the store activity.

Guidance and Validation, wherever you are.

Our Dashboard, Reports and Notifications help you to be just a “fingertip” away at all times from your business.

Accessible information whenever you need it.

Access information in real-time from your mobile, computer or tablet without having to go to the store to know whether your are meeting the objectives.

Email Digests straight to your Inbox.

Receive your Top Metrics Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Don’t go to sleep without an overview of your business.

Store analytics app

Subscription FAQs

We built GradianAnalytics® easy and adaptable for all needs.
From home-based firm to worldwide brands, Gradian serves small and big businesses.

No Long Term Contract.

Our simple month to month or yearly plans make it simple to start and stop your service at any time.

Safe and Secure.

Your store activity is safe with us. We’re not one of those companies that sells all your information. That isn’t cool.

Here to help you.

We’re always here to help you, if you want to know some more write us at



Making commerce Smarter

Gradian is an In-Store Analytics tool that helps business to immediately improve performance by focussing all their activity in one simple, easy-to-use visualization.

We started with a simple idea:

To empower Individuals and Small Businesses to succeed by democratizing the use of data.

That's why we believe:

Success is about betting on the ability of using good data to make good decisions.

Our Team:

We are a professional team with more than 15 years experience in Internet of Things and Retail.

We’ve extended our beliefs on data transparency to each aspect of our company. From employee salaries to business strategy, everyone has a full detailed vision of our organization and take responsibility on the present and future of Gradian.

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